Our Educational Programs

Our educators aim to provide a quality educational program that accommodates the developmental needs and interests with all children at the service.

We have developed an early education program that utilises both curriculum and goal based experiences which stem from previous learning and documents including our service philosophy, developmental milestones and the Early Years Learning Framework. In addition to this program, we also encourage and document spontaneous and individual learning over the course of the year and this available for families to view anytime.

We understand that families know their children best and encourage families to share goals, ideas and any interests their child has from home to help us best encourage and support their child’s learning.

How the Program works:

Curriculum Program:

Educators will begin the year with age appropriate goals and experiences sourced from the service philosophy, developmental milestones, practices and principles from the E.Y.L.F., this will be displayed in the room and experiences set up accordingly.

Spontaneous Learning:

Over the week, children and educators will engage in spontaneous learning moments through interests, family input, discussions and further learning from planned experiences. These moments will be documented in a learning story format, analysed and displayed with pictures alongside our curriculum program.

Individual Learning

Two focus children will be selected and displayed for educators to work with, support and document their learning for the week. Additional children will be added to the wall as learning occurs ensuring children’s spontaneous learning is recognised and included in the program.

Each family will receive a portfolio containing their child’s learning journey to take home and share with their child at the end of the year.

Family Partnerships

We encourage our families to contribute to our educational programs through discussions with educators, sharing goals or ideas and placing them in the goal jar on your room sign in desk and sharing information about events/pets/lifestyle/routines from home.

Each week educators will have a piece of family input displayed and share how they have built on this to create a learning experience for an individual child or group of children.

Evaluation & Reflection

At the end of the week, educators will evaluate and reflect on the weekly experiences, this information will then support educators to build on interests and further learning on a new curriculum program. New focus children will be selected and our cycle begins again.

All the learning will be collated into a display book weekly for both our children and families to view, reflect on and share together.