• Our Philosophy

  • At Little Saints Early Learning Centre we strive to offer high quality early education and care with a community atmosphere. We want all children and families to feel welcome, supported and empowered to be active contributors to learning, belonging and routines. We have built partnerships with local schools, community groups, support services and a range of early childhood professionals to support and develop the education and care needs of all children and families at the service. The rights of children are the core of our daily practices and programs, we believe every child has the right to education and care in a safe and nurturing environment that is free from bias of race, gender, culture and religion.

    Our educators strive to offer the children the children opportunities to make connections with their world and learn about the different cultures and lifestyles that make up Australia. We will educate children to show respect for the environment and an awareness of the impact they  have and support them to develop sustainable practices through day to day routines.

    We believe that play is the work of children and use this to create child focused learning programs which foster the children’s interests, skill development and relationships with both peers and educators. Children are the best facilitators of their own learning so we support them in their exploration of their world and empower them to make choices that contribute to their learning and wellbeing helping them to develop into confident learners. Children are given the freedom to use their senses to explore their world whether this be through play dough, paints, water or something as simple as the opportunity to wiggle their toes in the sand. We aim to create a culture of learning within children that encourages them to hypothesize, wonder, question and build on ideas. We are inclusive and support all children to access the program.

    We promote children’s sense of being and collaborate with families to help children learn and celebrate their culture, heritage, rights, interests and abilities. Children are encouraged and supported to recognize and understand emotions and feelings, develop skills to assess risks and show an understanding for the safety of themselves and others. Child safety is important and we require all educators and visitors to the service to hold a current working with children check before engaging with children. All educators are trained on child safety and are aware of the early warning signs of abuse. We empower children to be aware of themselves and their rights and educate children and families in protective behaviours.

    We boast a fantastic team of early childhood educators with a vast knowledge of early childhood development, education and care who are passionate child advocates. Our educators have a continuous dedication to professional development, maintaining up to date knowledge in the National Laws and Regulations, National Quality Standards, Kid Safe Practices, Rights Of A Child, Code Of Ethics, Early Years Learning Framework, research and documents from early childhood theorists and early childhood professionals.