Welcome to the Kinder Room at Warragul Little Saints ELC. We are so excited to have you with us for your kindergarten experience. We can not wait to support you in getting ready for your final year before heading off to Big school.

This year we will be focusing on school readiness, supporting children by providing a structured kinder program with a Bachelor qualified ELC teacher.


Our goals for your child this year will be to support your child to sit for short periods of time, provide them with tools to self regulate and manage their emotions. Our aim is to support your child to recognise, manage and express their emotions in a positive way through verbal communication by providing them with visual aids, through group discussion, and using these tools throughout the year to allow for them to take these strategies with them into their first year of foundation.


Follow routines and transitions, teach hygiene practices, recognise shapes, colours, their own name, write their name, further their fine motor skills to support them with their writing skills by using scissors, a variety of activities and providing them with various utensils, activities and experiences to build on their confident identity and independence in preparation for their first year at Big School.